Rashtrapati Bhavan Hosts A One-Day Meeting of Directors of 59 Central Institutes of Higher Learning

Rashtrapati Bhavan hosted a one-day meeting of directors of 59 institutes of higher learning in the fields of information technology, engineering science and technology, and planning and architecture, today (July 19, 2018). This is part of regular interactions of the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, with such institutions in his capacity as visitor to 146 Central Universities and institutions of higher learning.

Speaking at the concluding session, the President said that the NIT system has been able to provide high quality technical education to talented students across the country. This network of institutes has taken the opportunity of engineering education to remote corners. NITs are critical to promoting technical education and research.

The President said that information technology has a pivotal role in today’s world. Our Institutes of Information Technology strive to create a unique meeting ground for the two fields of information technology and of management. They contribute significantly to research, teaching and extension work for the integrated application of information technology and management. In an age when IT is critical to almost all our endeavours, this is extremely valuable.

The President said that heads of these institutes have been gifted with the opportunity to shape the future of the youth of our country. Their work directly affects not only the future of their graduates but also the future of India. The young graduates from their institutes will be the torch-bearers of their generation. By giving them the right knowledge, the right values and the right ethics, the institutes are doing a service to our society.

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